Graceful Grace at 110

Graceful Grace at 110

This website is dedicated to spiritual and metaphysical matters but there is an old saying that – a healthy body has a healthy mind. A healthy mind and body is a great boon if we use it for spiritual progress. It does not mean to say that every aged person is truly spiritual even though not religious but certainly we need to pay respect to someone who managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this age of diseases and weaknesses.

Post Century Stalwarts

Today’s post is dedicated to a lady named Grace who is the 10th oldest person living in England (at the time of publishing of this article). She is 110 years old and still going strong. Lots of attempts have been made to decode the factor that makes people live so long. Till date we have not got any concrete answer to this question.

Whiskey: not risky?

According to Grace what kept her going all these years is her love for whiskey. It is a strange claim as many people believe that staying away from alcohol helps people live longer. This is another interesting theory about long life that we will be discussing here.

Her own opinion

Grace has a very different opinion however. We will try to understand more about the lifestyle of Grace. Like we have already mentioned in our previous two articles on age, women tend to live longer than men for some unknown reason. Grace is called “Amazing Grace” by her friends and family. Grace got married and hase two children.

A brief bio

She lives in Broadway. The queen sends Grace a birthday card every year. Grace says that she feels very young at heart. Since she was 60 years she started to drink a peg of whiskey before going to bed. It has now become a habit for her and she continues to have a glass of whiskey. People at her age may find it difficult to drink but Grace is different. She feels that it is the whiskey that keeps her going and ensures that she has a positive spirit. Even her doctor feels that it is fine for her to drink as she is healthy and this whiskey keeps her heart young.

Young at 100

There was a grand party to celebrate Grace turning 100. It was celebrated in Buckland Manor in a large country estate and she enjoyed the party with her friends and family. There was a grand lunch and after that she had a glass of whiskey. Grace feels that whiskey helps her to sleep better and it gives her a feel good factor. We hope that Grace do celebrate more of such wonderful birthdays in the years to come.

Some interesting facts

She was born in 1906 after the death of Queen Victoria. She has seen two world wars and seven prime ministers of UK. That shows how much of history she had actually seen. She owned a Millinery factory and was married for 53 years. She had a happy marriage and loves her family. Her husband died at the age of 79. Her daughter is 78 years old now.

Grace still looks good and loves to dress up for the occasion. She is beautiful even today and likes to look her best all the time. Grace has a very close family to take care of her and she has a very high spirit. She loves to enjoy life as much as she can. People who know her are simply amazed by the exceptional energy that she has. She is satisfied with her life and has no regrets. It is indeed a good example for all others to follow.

Is it whiskey or porridge?

Does whiskey actually keep her alive for so long. Perhaps we will never know the answer. With this we do come to the end of our series on people who have lived over 100 years. We are even more confused now on what actually keeps these wonderful women alive for so long. Is it celibacy? Is it whiskey or is it porridge? Perhaps we will never know the answer to these questions.

The more we try to understand these miracles of nature the more confused we get. It just seems nature and life has some very deep mysteries that we are not ready to know yet. Life is indeed the gift of god. We must be thankful to god for this wonderful life he has given us. It is perhaps gods will to decide who will live for how long and we just cannot control it. No matter how much progress we make in the field of science and medicine we will never be able to understand how people survive near to death experiences.

Beyond current medical understanding?

Even doctors do not know actually what keeps people healthy and alive over 100 years. If they could they would come up with medicines to keep people alive for so long. At one point even a doctor will tell you that he does not have the answers. These answers are best kept with nature and with the person we know or believe to be god. It is remarkable that how people live for 100 years and even more.

The oldest person who has live was Jeanne Calment she lived for 122 years. This is the record that we have of the last few centuries cannot say how long people used to live in the olden years. Each day we get to live is a gift from God and we must make the most of it. We wish that all our readers are blessed with a long, happy and healthy life.

We have tried to discuss many lives of people who have lived for more than 100 years. We hope that our readers have enjoyed the articles and it can inspire them to live a happy life. People who are happy from within live a longer life. The more we worry the more we tend to lose out on life. Staying healthy is important but more than that we need a happy heart that can help us move on no matter how bad the situation is.

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