Happy Easter To Everyone

Happy Easter To Everyone


Where do you search for me among the lost, gone and dead

I am here and alive, for I am what you shall eat, the Holy bread

No amount of pain, no amount of torture can kill my soul, its for ever

The saints and sages who realize this truth, cannot be killed, no never

If I wanted I could easily get off the cross, for I had all that power

Yet if I did so, how would you receive the Divine compassion shower

Celebrate Easter with the faith that in the end all your sorrows will be over

No matter what difficulties seem to surround you, on your head they might hover

The satan will try its best to break your faith, that is the time you should be strong

If you believe and have trust, just be sure all will be well, nothing will go wrong

Do not be afraid of tribulations, you have to carry your own cross in life

But if you are faithful and have belief, you will never be defeated by strife

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