The Value of Food

The Value of Food

If you want to know and appreciate value of food

If you remember how last time you were rude

When the food was not cooked as per your taste

When you threw away the plate, just did waste

Just see these people who dont have anything to eat

They are ready to eat anything let alone rice or wheat

For them it is not taste or the presentation that matters

On seeing them even the hardest of heart goes shatters

Next time you think food is not fresh or properly cooked

Whenever you realize that to some dish you are hooked

Remember these people and thank God a million times

That you are getting to eat should ring the bell of chimes

If you forsake or waste food, just remember karma law

You never know what you might face for this insidious flaw

If you have plenty to eat just try whatever you can share

Have compassion on those on your food who just stare

Dont even expect anything good in return for He shall care

In this world of hunger, try sharing, dont be afraid just dare

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