Might Is Not Always Right

Might Is Not Always Right

Both of them were great kings in their own right

Having immense courage and tremendous might

Yet there was a difference between these mighty two

In order to check it, you have to see their life through

Where Porus was full of compassion and could sacrifice

Alexander only wanted victory, no matter what the price

It is good to focus on the goal, with single pointed devotion

Yet a true warrior is not the one who is devoid of all emotion

For the masculine warrior has to have a tinge of the feminine

Even all powerful Shiva is Ardhnarishwar, so He is Divine

It is not only goal which is important, but equally is the path

There is no point in reaching it through a ruthless blood bath

Being kind and compassionate is not a weakness it is a virtue

Only those can accomplish this, to the self who have stood true

Otherwise there is no end in this world to illusion or deception

So clean you mind and vision and focus on the self reception

You will receive Divine commands entire universe will unite

Only if you are righteous, then it is worth winning the fight

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