The Mystery of Life

The Mystery of Life

Some go to the mountains to search for its meaning, while some stay in plains

Some wander onto the broad highways, some just search in narrow lanes

Many think they have found the solution only to find they are deluded

While others know they havent touched the surface and are alluded

There is a great transformation which is a mystery, its called death

Most of us only understand it as a cessation of life force and breath

Has anyone gone beyond this veil, this questions crosses strongly

Or those who describe it, have they done it correctly or wrongly

All these musings  lead to nowhere for you need to practice hard

Steadiness is the key, whether you are slow, superfast or laggard

The mystery still continues to haunt mankind consisting of billions

One doesnt know the answer perhaps just one in a millions

The rest only pass their lives as something which they will regret

Yet when it is nearly gone, there is no need to worry or fret

It is here that the scriptures come to our help, just search till the last

Along with follow what you can, if possible some customs and fast

One day the light will enlighten when you will be real awake

Just do it for your own self, just do it for you own sake


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