The Real Test of Relations

The Real Test of Relations

When things are going smooth, when you are in the best of health

When there is no dearth and no need, when you have ample wealth

That is the time when everyone around you seems to follow and chase

However the true test of relations is done in your bad and rough phase

A daughter can only be judged when she becomes mature and grown

Whether she is responsible and makes you sit on comfortable throne

A son may be good, but the real test comes after he acquires a wife

Does he still have the same respect for you or just leaves you in strife

The true test of a husband comes in time when wife is sick and ill

That time the husband either cares for her or just keeps an ice chill

The real colours of a wife get shown when you have no money

Does she still respect you and still you are her beloved honey

The test of children, male or female only is visible in old age

Whether they still treat you respectfully or have wrath n rage

A true friend can only be recognized in time of real need

As they say, a friend in need is certain a true friend indeed

Having given the worldly parameters as a character measure

Let me also tell a deep secret, a real hidden treasure

There is one force which forces everyone to be truly nice

On using that force, one cannot use any pretension or vice

That power is the true belief within your own heart and brain

That will nurture the relations, and will never let them strain

Once that belief flows from your heart to any person good or bad

It will make a real transformation, so be happy dont be sad

The world is good as long as you have a belief in your depth of the mind

When you have compassion within, others will be automatically kind

You will not have to find a reason to disbelieve anyone any time

Only when everything is in harmony that life will be a perfect rhyme

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