The Lone Traveler

The Lone Traveler

Everyone here salutes the rising sun, for those on the downfall who cares

No matter how glorified you are, once you are done, just say your Prayers

For those who were always worried and always thinking about you all time

They will forsake you forever, the moment your bell stops the lovely chime

Yet the one who is determined goes on, anyone or anything, ne bother mate

Just keeps walking and living and dignity, you can play any games O fate

After seeing a few torn pages from the book of life, those who thought the end

They will be surprised to see the brand new cover, at next few steps or bend

The power to sustain lies within, nothing outside can make you weak or break

If you are firm in your own self, no earthquake or disaster can make you shake

Ultimately I am the same soul which was manifested in Kisna or any God

When that light shines within, all the universe will come and applaud

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