The Ins and Outs of a Storm

The Ins and Outs of a Storm

When life seems like a struggle, everywhere there is a storm

When peace seems like a dream, and strife is just the norm

Remember that storms always come to teach you new things

So accept with all humility whatever alongside it brings

Do not let the light dim, do not let the passion within die

Always keep trying, never give up just think big and high

People will drag you down but that shows their own level

You keep moving despite the storm since life is a travel

If you persist and have patience, one day storm will end

You never know what is in store, what is across next bend

So have the resolve to keep going, never ever to stop

You wont get anywhere, if you get scared, and drop

Life will bring solutions to each challenge every day

You need to have an iron will, just stay put, just stay

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