The Power of Faith and Prayers

The Power of Faith and Prayers

It is good to remember God but to know your powers is even better

If you have that real belief, no amount of struggle makes you shatter

Life is not always cool, not everything is served on a silver platter

Only that much you will receive, that you write on life’s plain letter

If you do believe, not even the deadliest poison can bring you harm

You can stay unfazed and collected, even in an enraged wild bee swarm

The force to believe is within, it should not be mere play of empty words

For it brings so much strength, you do not need any weapons or swords

Develop your will, then it will move mountains just you have to say

Even at the very presence of such person, the greatest sins go away

Yet it is a journey which only a few with utmost will can undertake

You must try even if you fail multiple times, for there is so much at stake

Every time you fall down, just get up, smile and just shout out loud

I will try again and again, no matter how dense the foggy black cloud

I will find the silver lining, and finally the light would be visible so bright

Only those are deserving to reach this state, who dont give up but fight

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