Selfie and the Search for Self: The Pious Juxtapose

Selfie and the Search for Self: The Pious Juxtapose


Whether you are in this world, of this world or a renunciate searching for your soul

No matter whether it is wealth or finding the self is your ultimate path and goal

There are few things which are common to all, one such thing is the use of technology by all

No matter worldly or non-worldly, businessman, student or sadhu, either big or just small

Science comes to the use in every aspect of life, hence you should always for knowledge show respect

The soul yearns to reach the self, the body yearns to click a selfie, both these are in harmony perfect

Take a leaf from the life of this Sadhu ji Baba, who is just posting a simple selfie, yet a lesson so profound

That even if your head is held extremely high, your feet should always be stuck firmly on solid ground

The renunciate has a glow on his face, this glow can only come from non possession and lack of desire

Yet the Babaji is also in tune with the world and technology, his curiosity is alive, he did not let expire

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