Astral Projection – Is it a reality?

Astral Projection – Is it a reality?

Today we will start a serial discussion about astral projections. First let us start with what exactly the astral projections are all about. It is also called astral travel. It is a willful out of body experience. Some say that it is a form of telepathy. The astral body is separate from the physical body. It is a body that is free and can easily separate from the physical body. We in this series will try to explain more about the same.

Real life experiences: Sylvan Muldoon

Let us first take a look at some of the real life experiences of few people.  Sylvan Muldoon says that he experienced astral projections when he was just 21 years old. In 1924 he had gone for a walk. For a young boy mood swings are natural. That time he lived in a small town called Wisconsin. The evening was beautiful and the moon was shining bright.

He got a little philosophical and confused about life as he was walking. He got back home and slept off. As soon as he slept he felt that his physical body was separating from him. He felt that his body was numb and he was unable to even move his finger. Although he felt that something was wrong. He did not try to get out of the situation and neither did he cry for help. Instead he allowed this experience to come over him. He wanted to get into the depth of what exactly was happening to him.

He could feel that he was actually flying in the air. He reached a vertical position. Initially there was mist around him but slowly he reached a level of the atmosphere that was clear. All this while he was able to feel, that he was going higher and higher away from his physical body. He decided to move out of the room.

As soon as he stepped out of the house he felt that a strong force was driving him and it took him to a strange house that he had never seen before. In this house there were 4 people and there was a girl who was very beautiful. The girl must have been 17 years old. She was busy sewing a black dress. He found himself standing in front of the girl and he stood there for a while watching this girl.

Sylvan Muldoon started to think why he was in this house. He looked at everything around him and he could not find anything that interesting. He decided that he must leave and get back to his physical body. Before leaving he saw the house from outside and he was convinced that it was a farm house.

Sylvan Muldoon returned to his physical body and started to live a normal life. He did not talk about the astral experience he had with anyone. Six weeks later he saw the same girl again. This time she was getting down from a car ad she got into a house. Sylvan Muldoon knew that this was not the house of the girl.

Thus as she was leaving he went to her and asked her where she lived. The girl would not give the details of her address to a stranger so she told him that it was none of his business. . Sylvan Muldoon decided that he had to convince this girl about the astral experiments that he was doing so he started to tell her in details about her house that he had visited 6 weeks back. The girl was surprised and wanted to know how he knew all these details.

Sylvan Muldoon explained to her about his astral experiences and she was convinced. They became good friends and this girl was a part of many such experiments that Sylvan Muldoon conducted later. Sylvan Muldoon also visited the house of this girl many a times and he could see that the experiment was actually working. The house was about 15 miles from the house he lived. He saw that all the details he had noticed during the astral experiments were actually correct.

Oliver Fox

The next experiment that we will be discussing was done by Oliver Fox. He was a very popular British scientist. He was also a very experienced astral projector with many interesting experiences to share. He had penned down many books and experience that we are about to discuss now was also mentioned in one of his books. In the autumn of 1913 he was in his room.astral_projection

He was thinking about an experiment that he was about to conduct soon. He got out of his body and started to walk. He had walked for 100 yards when a forced pushed him and took him to another place. He soon found himself in a park that was beautiful. Oliver Fox had never seen this place before. He saw that a school party was on. Small children were dress in white clothes and they were enjoying the beautiful day.

Soon he started to move and saw a house. The main door of the house was open so he decided to walk in. He walked in and took the stairs. He reached the top floor where in the bedroom he found a beautiful woman dressing up. He spoke a few words like “where are you going pretty lady” he just wanted to ensure if the woman could hear him. He soon realised that she could not hear his voice.

Then he decided to peep into the mirror. He could see only the reflection of the woman and not his because he was not even in his physical body. Now Oliver Fox decided to take the experiment to one more level. He decided to put his hand on the shoulder of the lady and see if she could feel his touch. As soon as he did so first he could feel the velvet dress that the lady was wearing but as soon as he touched her soft skin the lady felt something strange she shouted or did something Oliver Fox is not very sure of what happened. The next thing that he remembered was that he was back in his physical body.

Mind or Reality?

Many people say that these experiments seem more like experiences of young men who are constantly looking for beautiful and nice women to be friends with. These are more of romantic dreams than practical astral experiments. Both Fox and Muldoon do not agree to this and they claim all this actually happened. They also admit to the fact that they are gentlemen and they have never done these experiments to take advantage of anyone. They say that they are true gentlemen in both their physical and astral body.

Book by Carrington

In 1929 a book was published and it was named “the projection of the astral body”. It is considered to be the most informative book on astral experiments and most of the material was provided by Muldoon. Carrington who had authored his claim that he found Muldoon more convincing when it came to astral projection because most of the claims that he made were very believable and modest.

Carrington says that Muldoon is not claiming that he went to another planet or he went into the past and the future. He just claims that he went out of his body on his own will and he traveled to places that were close to his house. These places were unknown to Muldoon when he visited them.

Muldoon claims that he got interested in astral experiments since he was a child. His mother was interested in paranormal activities and spiritualism he perhaps developed his interest from her. Muldoon claims that as he was exposed to the spiritual world from a very young age he had the first astral projection experience when he was just 12 years old.

In this experience as this was his first experience he describes it as a state of bewildering stupor. In this state he could not come conscious fully as a result he was not able to move around and on the other hand he could not even fall asleep. Muldoon says that this is the most painful experience that one can have in astral projection. This state could even last for a week. In medical science this state is called catalepsy or rather astral catalepsy.

In the future too we will try to discuss more about this topic that not much is written about. Mainly because not many people know about it and not many people believe in it either. Many people do not even believe that something like this is actually possible. We are not here to add on to the debate we are just discussing about some interesting aspects of the topic for those who do not know much about it.

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