Relics of the Past: Nostalgia revisited

Relics of the Past: Nostalgia revisited


Technology has made lives easier and faster for humanity in different forms

It has also shaken some well established traditions and entirely changed the norms

One such thing which our future generations might not know is this red coloured box

Only the few who will understand this is are those who have piles of letter stocks

Such was the craze and the expectation of receiving a hand written letter, emails cannot match

Despite being vulnerable to delays and losses, they gave a happiness which no one could snatch

It is true that communication has become so fast today and so instant we never have to wait

Yet there was a different taste in this waiting which was fun even if the letter showed up very late

The communication has improved but the distances have greatly increased with passing time

The feelings which these letters portrayed can hardly be put in an email or message, so sublime

Let us continue with the modern version of these yet try to enthuse and infuse the same kind of affection

For those who would recognize this shattered old red box, it would be a different kind of attraction

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