My Road My Dreams My Life

My Road My Dreams My Life


Life is short yet time is eternal and for ever

So never say its over with your dreams, no never

Till the last breath, if you keep trying, even if you fail

The universe will reincarnate you to leave a blazing trail

So it is not over until you say it is over in your mind

Be determined in your purpose, to all negativity turn blind

The world will tell you it is over, life is nearly at its ending tail

You are becoming weak in your thoughts and your will is frail

That is that time you should just keep going without a doubt slight

It is your life, your dreams, your road, you have to put up a fight

Do not achieve to show to anyone, nor to boast but for your own

For in the end, the entire universe is within you, just you alone

Once the will is strong enough, your journey will begin for the soul

Then you will reach you real motive in life and your ultimate goal

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