Anamika Anuja – The Un-Named Sibling

Anamika Anuja – The Un-Named Sibling

वो मुझे मेरे बचपन का एहसास कराती है शायद इसीलिए वो गुडिया इतनी भाति है जब होती थी केवल ठिठोली हंसी मस्ती न कोई मैं, न अहंकार न ही कोई हस्ती खेलते थे गुडिया संग उस गली उस बस्ती जब खुशियाँ थी बहुत आसान और सस्ती जब वो रोती तो उसे और भी रुलाता चाहे […]

Numerology: Destiny or Expression Number

Destiny number or expression number are important when it comes to numerology. Destiny number of a person reveals the goals he must achieve in his life path. With the help of destiny numbers it is possible to become aware of the qualities and strengths that are at a person’s disposal. These qualities can then be […]

Numerology in Relations

It is believed that numerology not only affects our life but our relationships also. It plays an important role in our friendship, love and even  marriage. Using numerology to understand relations better is as old as astrology. The ideas of using numerology to check the compatibility of partners in long term relationship increases the chances […]