First experience of the astral body

Let us continue our discussion about astral body and also explain how those who felt the astral body for the first time reacted. Anything when done for the first time can be a really scary experience that at the same time a first time experience will have a thrill that cannot be felt in the later experiences.

Muldoon experience

Our first experience will be of Muldoon. He says that the first time he felt the astral body was when he was a 12 years old. For a 12 year old this can be very scary as an experience. He says that one day he was sleeping in his room and all of a sudden he felt that he was moving up.

He thought it was just a dream but the feeling of rising continued. He could also feel that his body was vibrating and sometimes he would feel a pain at the back of his head. He could also hear some strange sounds that he has never heard before. He suddenly realised that he was about to hit the ceiling.

He could see as a lot of haze around him and thought somehow he had gone against the law of gravity as he is floating freely in the air. He looked down and his physical body was still on the bed sleeping. This was a scary situation. He could stand horizontal and perpendicular to his physical body. He could also stand on the floor of the room but there was no way he could enter his own body.

He also noticed that something like an elastic cable extended from the forehead of his physical body and it was going all the way to the back of Muldoon’s head where he would feel a slight pain that was coming and going. He thought he must call for help. He went to open the door and realised that he could even pass through the door.

This point he felt very nervous he thought he was dead. He started to look for his mother as he was just a 12 year old kid who experienced this for the first time. He went to his mum and tried to touch her but his hands were passing through her as if his hands were made of vapour. He could hear the sounds of the vehicles and also the clock but he could not touch anything. No one could hear him either.

He started to cry desperately and thought he was dead for sure. 15 minutes passed since this experience started all of a sudden he felt a pull from his physical body and he was pulled back with the elastic cable that we have already mentioned in the article. Slowly the astral body and the physical body came together and Muldoon was awake. He was glad to get back to his physical body. He was amazed at this experience but he was shit scared too.

Now for Gerhardie

Another person named Gerhardie also had a similar experience. He too felt that his body was in the air. He saw a cable that was connecting the physical and the astral body. He too realised that the door of the room was locked and he could pass through it. His body too seemed like made of air or vapour. Gerhardie was in his early twenties and he did a few more experiments in this state unlike Muldoon who was very scared and started to cry. Muldoon experienced this when he was 12 year old boy and it is natural for such a small kid to get scared.

Supernormal Power

Both Muldoon and Gerhardie soon realised that this was a normal thing and they are blessed with a power that helps them to experience the astral body with so much ease. That is exactly why they continued with their experiments in this field. We will now explain some more about the experiments that these two did about astral body.

Mulddon started to study why and how he had this experience. He wanted to get into the depth of it. He realised that with dream control we can experience the astral body. However, some people can feel the astral body instantaneously and as a result they do not even understand what is happening to them.

When this happens it can be a scary experience even if one knows what astral projection is. If you do not know about astral projection at all then you might find the situation even scarier.

The Research

Muldoon also started his research on how and why people feel the astral body. According to him a person can feel the astral body if they are in a prolonged sickness, suppose in your dream you felt a jolt or had a sensation that you are falling down, suppose you have a long desire that is not coming true even after trying a lot, a broken heart, etc. either it can be just one of the factors or a combination of all.

Astral projection can make a person feel better both mentally and physically as a result people tend to experience it quite naturally sometimes. It also depends on how spiritual the person is. Someone who is more into meditation and spiritualism can feel the astral body much easily compared to the others.

When we are sleeping the astral body will move slightly away from the physical body that is the nature of the astral body. But for it to move far and float freely in the air it can happen only in very rare cases. Muldoon was not healthy as a child and even all his life he suffered from various physical problems.

The astral experts believe that those who are not physically healthy tend to feel the astral body more than those who are healthy and active. Some say that getting to the astral body more than often can make people feel better.

Many of those who had the astral experience for the first time did not even know what was happening to them and that was scary. They did not know whom to call and how to react. Once they started to experience the astral body more than often they started to experiment more about it.

Now that you know how an astral projection actually feels like next time if you realise it you will be able to understand the phenomena better. It is natural and common and can happen to anyone who is feeling depress for some time and is not in the best of their health. Many people have experienced this state from across the world.

Some people who felt it one say they do not want to experience this again. On the other hand there are people who enjoy the state of astral projection and they have gone into this state many times. These people have had many experiences in this state that they have shared with others.

Mostly kids below 18 will not feel it unless they have and exposure to the spiritual world like Muldoon had as a child. He is the only person known till date that has experienced the astral projection when he was just 12 years old.

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