The Few Eternal Moments of Life

The Few Eternal Moments of Life

There are very few moments when we actually live the life

Most of the times our mind is entangled in the worldly strife

When you feel the passion to be one with the cosmos for eternity

When only thing that matters is solitude than any group or fraternity


That is the symbol that you are ready to take the inward plunge deep

That is the time when nothing matters if you just laugh or weep

In that eternal silence of your own mind, you can feel pure bliss

It is like the creator has embraced you, and blessed with divine kiss

When you find your mind going in such serenity, just let it overcome you

For it will be a great experience, only if you let yourself go through

Work can wait, and all matters of even life and death cannot be greater

These can be postponed for good, for they can always be done bit later

The highest priority is to have a glimpse of the eternal reality to be free

That is the only time you have a glimpse of Krisna’s upside down life tree

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