A pyramid filled with mysteries – the pyramid of Giza

Egypt is a fascinating country. There is a lot that we know about it and on the other hand there are so many mysteries that surround the country that no one can answer. One mystery that sleeps in the heart of Egypt is the “great pyramid of Giza”. We will discuss in this article what is so mysterious about the great pyramid that even with all the technology that we have today we still cannot understand many aspects of this marvellous structure.

Capstone Missing?

To start with the most important point is that the pyramid actually does not have a capstone. It is one of the oldest structures that stand on Earth. It was built with so much care and almost to perfection then why did they not place a capstone?

Did they forget to place it or there was some other reason due to which they did not place a capstone on the biggest pyramid that was built in Egypt ever. There is no answer to it and even after all the study and research there is no convincing answer to why the pyramid does not have a capstone.

Discovery by Sir Siemens

The next mystery that surrounds the pyramid is told by a British researcher named Sir Siemens. Siemens decided to climb the pyramid and he did it with a help of some local guides. Once he climbed the pyramid and reached the top he decided that he should celebrate the moment with a bottle of wine.

He opened a wine bottle that he was carrying. Siemens was a scientist and he says that as he tried to open the bottle he felt that he was getting electric shocks. As he was a scientist so he decided to find a logical explanation to this and he got one. He realised that there was an electric field there and so he decided to do an experiment.

He took a moistened paper and wrapped it around the bottle. Then he held the bottle on the top of his head. In no time the bottle got charged with electricity. This incident made Siemens thinks on a different line all together. He felt that there was a reason behind why this huge pyramid did not have a cap stone.

The local people say that there is an old story that says the pyramid did have a capstone that was made of gold. The capstone was later taken by some attackers. It is very difficult to believe that a capstone of that size could be removed from the top of the pyramid by humans without much technology and equipment.

There is another theory that was proposed by a Spanish researcher. He said that the pyramid had a sphere on top of it. The sphere had a diameter that was an exact measure of e. This sphere was worshiped by the local people as the god of sun. It was very big and equally bright.

One of the brightest things that you would see in Egypt. The pyramid was made with great calculations and the measurements were almost accurate. The sphere that is missing today was in an exact inclination of 51, 84 degree angle. It is unbelievable that how people of Egypt could build a structure that was mathematically so accurate. It was definitely build for some significant purpose.

Let’s now go back to the experience that Siemens had. It is even said that sparks were emitting from the bottle that. Siemens was holding. How could this be possible? The guides who had accompanied Siemens actually got scared and they started to run thinking that Siemens was doing a witchcraft.

This incident proposes one more theory perhaps this pyramid was built with such accurate calculations and dimensions because it was used as a power plant. Maybe an ancient capacitor was placed on the top of this pyramid. The Egyptians were very advanced scientifically and it is quite possible that they had the technology to harness the energy of the planet earth and it was done with the help of these pyramids.

So far we know that pyramids were built as tombs for the deceased kings and queens of Egypt. All the personal belongings of the kings and queens were placed in these huge tombs and even the body was mummified and placed inside the tomb.

Perhaps there were some more reasons behind why the pyramids were built. Were they used to harness the energy of earth? Or were they used for some other purpose. More study definitely needs to be conducted before the truth can be found.

The pyramid of Giza is definitely a very unique man made structure. The missing cap stone only adds to the mystery. It is quite possible that there was something on top of the pyramid that is missing now. What could that be? And how something could be removed from the top of the pyramid, that has such a great height.

There are no records or mention of anything that can explain what happened to the capstone. Till few years back it was difficult to read the scriptures that were found in Egypt. Now we can read and understand all that is mentioned in the pyramids and we hope that in some years we will be able to resolve the mystery about why the capstone is missing from the huge pyramid in Giza.

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