The Immortal Self

The Immortal Self

Life is an immortal soul, we all live forever

Yet there is death and pain, forever lives anyone never

So what is the secret of this paradox? are the Saints lying

For everywhere, everyday we see how living things are dying

No, it is not about the frail and temporary body which they talk

Just step back and meditate, of truth and reality you take stock

There is something which is immortal, which is there in me and you

That is the only real self, that is only the fact which is true

To reach that inner self, just meditate and realize who you are

That realization will make you immortal, coz body is just a shooting star

It makes a bright streak for a while, then in space it does mingle

Yet nothing is lost or destroyed, it just changes form with a jingle

When the world sleeps just keep awake and search for that elixir of life

That will give you the highest joy, above all dualities, joy or strife

Then you will say when you look back, was a majestic illusion

That is called maya, the veil, it is such a strong delusion

Yet a single ray of realization is enough to bring you into light

All darkness is dispelled in a while, it just turns all bright

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