Tips For Hypnotism

Tips For Hypnotism

Today we will try to discuss the importance of hypnotism and its relevance in everyday practical life. First of all we would like to state that for many people, especially those who are not familiar with the term or only have a superficial knowledge about it, they equate hypnotism to witchcraft or black magic and consider that it is an anti social knowledge which is used by people for their own selfish ends and harming others.

The Science and Art of Hypnotism

Well we can only say that though there is some truth in this statement, it is only upto the extent which can be said about any science or art.  You can use martial arts to beat people, you can use atomic energy to destroy Hiroshima but you can also use martial arts to make your body strong for meditation and you can use atomic energy to produce electricity for millions of people. So basically no science or art is good or bad in itself, it is just the uses that it is put to.

Hypnotism is just an art and a science like most other disciplines which is based on observed and tested knowledge, practiced through the ages and passed on along generations. Since it is related to controlling the mind, it helps you to strengthen your will power and in the process having the capability to control or influence other minds.

The Power of Will

A person will a strong will power can achieve any goal in his or her life and there is hardly which is beyond its scope. However for a beginner there are certain things to be kept in mind so that one does not waver on this difficult path. Here are a few tips for beginners in hypnotism which one could follow so that your initial attempts at trying to hypnotize others do not go in vain.

  • First and foremost is having a strong belief and faith in what you are trying to do or achieve. Do not let any doubts arise in your mind under any circumstances.
  • Your personality should ooze confidence and the medium or the person about to be hypnotized should not feel at all that you are any less than an expert hypnotist because if the subject or the medium does not believe in you, chances are that you would not succeed in your attempt.
  • Too much familiarity should be avoided with the subject but there should be a slight respectful distance between the hypnotist and the medium. You should also try to project a very impressive personality and the same should be reflected in your voice and in no manner should your voice sound doubtful, pessimistic or having lack of confidence.
  • Even if your efforts seem to be going in vain, do not lose heart or let go of your confidence. If you do not believe in yourself, your subject will be even more skeptical and this will produce of cycle or chain of lack of confidence and you will end up nowhere
  • We have already discussed a few simple tips and techniques to improve will power and you can use them to improve your own.

Remember that law of karma reigns supreme and is the underlying basis of your entire life. So whatever you learn and whatever use you put it to, it will bear results. So if the karma are good, the results will surely be positive but if by any chance the results are negative, they will produce ill effects in your life. So the choice in your hands to use the knowledge of hypnotism for the good of the world or to pursue your own selfish goals in which case you certainly stand a chance to do harm unto yourself

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