Dealing With Anger Problems Via Meditation

Dealing With Anger Problems Via Meditation

Anger is the worst enemy of a person. It is a wind that blows the candle of wisdom. A person who can control anger is always considered to be mentally stronger. Many of us get irritated easily and lose our temper so dealing with anger problems and following anger management via meditation is an excellent way out.

Anger Problems & Anger Management

The demon of anger can lead to several issues if not controlled over time. A person who is prone to anger attacks usually suffers from bad inter personal relationships. People try to avoid us and as a result we become loners. Meditation is one of the best ways to control temper and some of the few benefits of meditation to reduce anger are listed below:

  1. It will help you to control  your temper
  2. It will make you more approachable
  3. It will improve your self-control
  4. It will make  you a better and a stronger person
  5. It will make  you calm from within
  6. It will ensure that you are able to influence others better
  7. It will make you happy and content
  8. It will improve your patience
  9. It will make you more spiritual
  10. It will ensure that your health improves and your blood pressure is in control.
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Tips For Anger Management Using Meditation.

  1. You must find a good teacher to learn the meditation to reduce anger
  2. You must accept the fact that you have a problem of being short tempered so you will have to learn to control the same.
  3. You must find a peaceful place and time in your house where you can practice the meditation to reduce anger
  4. You must know that meditation to reduce Anger should be done regularly to get the results
  5. You must trust the meditation to reduce anger completely only then you will get the results
  6. You must eat more of vegetables and fruits. Studies suggest that non vegetarian diet increases anger
  7. You must follow the meditation to reduce anger for at least twenty minutes a day regularly

When you follow the tips that we have mentioned above on meditation to reduce anger you will be able to enjoy the benefits of meditation even more. The transition will be easy and smoother. We will now move on to the detailed discussion on the meditation to reduce anger. The various types of meditation that you can practice to reduce anger are as follows.

Anger – A Poison

Keep in mind that anger is a poison and must be killed. You must know from within that you will be able to kill the demon of anger within you. It is up to you to control it. Self-realization of the problem itself is a great way to control anger. This is the first meditation that you need to do. Understand that you have a problem and then find ways to solve the problem.

Find A Guru

You must find a guru who can teach you the Meditation to reduce Anger. You must trust the guru completely. You will have to surrender yourself to the guru in order to get the maximum benefit of the meditation to reduce anger

Practice Meditation

The first practice of meditation to reduce anger is to look within. In this you are supposed to sit in a relaxed position. Close your eyes. Now concentrate on your body and mind. Imagine a light coming out of your head and then slowly moving to the rest of your body. Try to concentrate on this light. Don’t let anything distract you. Initially you will be able to concentrate less. Slowly the duration to concentrate will only increase. The anger is common in people who are restless. By doing this meditation you will be more in control of your mind. As a result you will become less restless and you will be able to become a better person from within.

Be Content

The meditation gurus feel that another reason for anger is dissatisfaction. When you are not dissatisfied with your life or something bothers you. You will naturally tend to be angry. If you are happy from within and don’t have much frustrations your anger will come under control. This is exactly why in some meditation to reduce anger it is taught to be happy from within. For this you need to sit in a peaceful location. Close your eyes and keep a smile on your face. This will make you feel pleasant.

Now imagine a light coming out of your heart. Slowly imagine this light moving to all the parts of the body. The light is happiness. Fell how happiness is spreading to all parts of your body. At the end of the session imagine something that makes you happy. For example a beautiful flowers, a small baby, etc. A happy thought. Hold it for some time. Before winding up the meditation session thank the Lord for all that he has given you. This session of meditation will help you to forget all your miseries and make you really happy from within.

Remember God

Remembering the Lord and his blessings during meditation is also a great way to practice meditation to reduce anger. This is mostly mantra meditation. You will be given a mantra by your meditation teacher. You will have to recite the mantra while you meditate. Imagine the lord you completely trust and recite the mantra. If you feel distracted start reciting the mantra loudly. Initially when you are starting with the meditation to reduce anger try to recite the mantra loudly. As your ability to hold your patience increases you can recite the mantra silently. Now imagine a dot or an OM sign.

Concentrate on the same. If you want you can pronounce the word OM. Imagine a light coming out of the lord that you worship. This light is now entering your body. It is slowly moving to all the parts of your body and blessing you. You will feel blessed at the end of the session. This will reduce your frustration. As frustration is often associated with anger. This meditation can definitely help you to control your fits of anger and make you a better human being.

We hope that this brief article on meditation to reduce anger will help you to deal with your problem better. You are not the only one who is suffering from short temper. It is a common problem. This is exactly why many meditation centers across the world have special sessions on meditation to reduce anger. You must join one today and enjoy the benefits of the same. Remember that we are born as short tempered but with regular meditation we can definitely control our temper.

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