Independence In The Labyrinth Of Solitude

Independence In The Labyrinth Of Solitude

“Be silent, and know that I am God” (Plasms 46:10) yet how many of us like to find the gemstones in the labyrinth of solitude. Infact it is normally the other way round and we try to avoid it. Does being alone scare you as well? Stop being intimidated and make friends with yourself. Start giving yourself company and see the change in yourself.

“A little while alone in your room
will prove more valuable than anything else
that could ever be given you.”


I am learning to crotchet these days. The time when I usually do it is at night just before bed time. There is no doubt that I enjoy and feel elated as the pattern develops the truth is I even enjoy putting everything apart and rolling the wool back in a ball as the pattern goes wrong or just because I do not like it. While reflecting a little more on this experience, some questions cross my mind am I loner? Or am I shunning people from my life?

The answer to the above questions is a definite ‘NO’. I still value company and feel the need to talk with family and friends.

Be Silent

Be Silent Be Self

A little more introspection and I realize that I am using this time, opportunity not to be alone but to be in solitude.

What is solitude?

I am sure there have been times when you are at a social function and feel that you are standing as a silent spectator at a corner watching people moving around without having any effect on you. That is a moment of solitude according to me.

Solitude is a state of being alone without being lonely. Solitude is comforting while loneliness can be distressing. It reads so beautiful, I am alone but not lonely!

Solitude is an opportunity that helps rediscover our lives. You elect to withdraw from human relationships not completely but only for a small period of time. This period plays an instrumental role in removing external influences and returning to self. A little practice in solitude will help realize the role that these influencing factors have played all along.

Contrary to the popular belief, the labyrinth is not in solitude but in noise. Solitude is a state where a person is constructively and positively engaged with self. It is a state where I provide company to myself. Short periods of solitude in a day help restore the balance that gets lost somewhere in the cacophony of our routine lives. When you are in solitude you are free to be immersed in thoughts, contemplate or just be. Your need for approval from others suddenly vanishes or reduces. Clouds start clearing and answers starting emerging.

Cultivate Solitude

Solitude is a state of being at peace the source of which is inside you. It is something that we have to learn and cultivate consciously. When you welcome solitude in your life………..

……… remove external influences

The Vastness of Solitude

Vastness of Solitude

……… remove expectations

……… hear your heart

……… find rest and peace

……… restore a balance

……… renew and replenish your energies

Just a thought, if you do not enjoy your company do not expect the others to do so!! Stop running from yourself and start spending time with yourself. Irrespective of how hectic your life is start gifting a few moments of silence and solitude for your holistic well being to yourself.

Practice solitude to experience independence and freedom from distractions. Use it to spark creativity and live your life to the fullest.

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”

– Hans Margolius

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