Silence Your Mind: Book Review

Silence Your Mind: Book Review

In the book review section today, we will focus on a book by Dr Ramesh Manocha namely “Silence Your Mind”. Dr Manocha is a physician residing in Australia and he has written this book after years of research on this topic. The book discusses how by following this meditation technique you can increase happiness, productivity and peace in your life.

Sahaja Yoga

The mind is naturally designed to think. Mind’s job is to think and work on ideas. The meditation that can be done to silence your mind is called the sahaja yoga meditation. The sahaja yoga meditation can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds.



If you are a person who is into too much activity and your mind is stressed then this meditation technique is ideal for you. It can also be useful in physical health problems like asthma and other breathing problems. The book gives a practical guide so that anyone can follow the meditation technique and make the most out of it. The book is available online and also in all the stores across the world. We highly recommend the book on sahaja yoga meditation and silence your mind.

Step by Step Process

The book explains how you can slowly start learning the silence your mind meditation. You can start from few minutes a day and move on to hours of meditation. The silence your mind has numerous benefits that are listed in the book named silence your mind. Apart from this book you can read more books on the topic that are available. We recommend the silence your mind to all the readers. It works wonders for those who live a highly stressed life and have too many things going on in their minds.

Benefits of a Silent Mind

A lot of research has been done worldwide on meditation techniques to silence your mind. It has proved time and again to be immensely helpful. If you follow this meditation technique you will be able to ensure that your mind is free from all thoughts for a certain number of minutes or hours.

The longer you spend in this state the better will be your control on your mind and its activities. It will impart a sense of peace and calmness to your mind. This state of meditation is not similar to sleep. In sleep too the mind is awake and it is working in the sub conscious.

When you practice this yoga then you are deliberately ensuring that you mind is free from thoughts. This is very helpful for the mind that spends almost 24 hours a day in thinking and rethinking. You must practice the mediation regularly on daily basis. As you start doing the silence your mind meditation you will slowly feel the benefits that it is giving you. It is a clinically proven method that is highly recommended by the doctors too.

Other Benefits

The silent mind also ensures that you get a better sleep. It helps you to control your anger and frustration as a result the inter personal and professional relationships increase. Students who follow the silence your mind meditation will tell you that it improves their memory and helps them to concentrate better. So do give this unique form of meditation the importance it deserves. Learn it today and enjoy the benefits of the silence your mind meditation technique for life.

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