Happy Milad Un Nabi 2016

Centuries ago, when mankind was disillusioned, there was darkness on this earth

The Almighty listened to the cries, and a Prophet was sent and He then took birth

Known as The Mohammed, The Prophet, He was a great soul realized and awake

He took the responsibility to guide His followers, He put everything at stake

It was a great day when He was given the revelation at the Holy Hira mount

It bestowed so much Grace and so much power, which one could hardly count

The life of any great saint is just for the betterment of society, no matter what

For them all are equal, kings, queens, common people, beggars, and even a slut

They do not despise anyone because of their circumstances or impure karma

To do good to everyone and help them rise in life is their only true goal and dharma

The Holy Quran is the compilation of the teachings of this great and pious soul

It contains the same great teachings as other prophets, it teaches the same goal

It is only the people who work for vested interests, interpret wrongly His teachings

At its core, the Quran and Puran are just the same, such pious are the preachings

So let us resolve to respect all religions, on this day when the great soul was born

That is the only way to end the strife which is in the world, to shreds it has torn

When there is love,  God, Allah, Ishwar or Waheguru whatever call you may

If there will be a true Jannat on earth, when this happens, then will be that day

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