The Secret of Champions

The Secret of Champions

A champion does not fall from the sky, he/she is from among us folks

He/she is the one who is serious to the brim, yet also smiles on jokes

You dont need to have the best equipment or training, though it does help

The main thing that you need is an iron will, despite all pain just dont yelp

Feed the fire inside, dont let it due, let it burn, let it grow each day and night

Just keep losing but dont lose heart, each time put up a brave new fight

Keep dreaming the impossible positively, dont ever think much twice

Your determination will see you through, despite the virtues and vice

For every human is frail, yet the inner part of it has to be made of steel

Dont beg ever from anyone, only before the Almighty or Allah you can kneel

Once you have the signal from above, nothing in the world can make you stop

Dont just give up in the midway, success could only be as far as a single hop

Once you achieve that level of perseverance when nothing else in world does matter

That is when your dreams will materialize and nothing ever can make you shatter

Once you achieve what you aimed for, never rest on your laurels but move ahead

Be humble, be polite and always Pray, for that is the very source, the very thread

Which keeps you in the realization that nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing

Keep trying, dont despair, you never know what the next moment might bring

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