Beauty Or The Beast: Non Veg Protest

Beauty Or The Beast: Non Veg Protest


The moment you see these young beauties in blood, you get a shock

Yet you never think twice before eating meat, you just party and rock

So in order to make you realize, these gals had to perform this brave act

To make you realize how the animals feel, they did it and it is a fact

You never think twice before slaughtering animals and wrapping them in packs

So much is the demand, they are produced shelve after shelve, rack after racks

Even if a few people could take inspiration and leave this habit so bad

The world would be a much more peaceful place, no one will be sad

For when you stop eating meat, the vibes associated with you will be pure

Just try doing this for a month, you will enjoy, this is certain this is for sure

However at a deeper level, you must remember at the same time

Being non veg in thoughts is even more important, it is quite sublime

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