The Gifts of Life: Realize and be Wise

The Gifts of Life: Realize and be Wise


Whereas some of us keep crying even with both hands and feet

There are some who do not have even properly to fill and eat

They are deprived of many gifts which we do not even realize

Yet they are much more learned than us, certainly more wise

Look at this man who works without his hands, creates such beauty

He does not need any compassion, but to sincerely help is our duty

The magic of his brush puts even many of MF Hussain’s to shame

Yet it is his karma we don’t recognize him, don’t even know the name

Still the art and creativity does not limit itself and will find a way

For only in such tapasya does punya arise and is always there to stay

For the rest of us, we should learn to respect the gifts of life

Instead of thanking God, we just get upset at trifle strife

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