Pain Management with Yoga

Pain Management with Yoga

Yoga can be very effective in pain management and now we shall see how exactly is this possible. Many people who have suffered from acute pain have tried pain management with yoga successfully. No matter what pain it is yoga has the ability to reduce it. As you regularly practice yoga it also ensures that your ability to endure pain increases.

So Should I Be In Pain?

It is not necessary that you have to be in pain to start learning and practicing these yoga poses. You can start doing then early in life so that at any stage of life they can be handy to you. Who can practice yoga for pain management? Well anyone can. It is more common in athletes as need to tolerate more pain.

Pain can be many types like pain during periods, back pain, pain due to accidental injury, pain in the knee and also in the neck to name a few. Pain can occur in any part of the body at any time. There are yoga techniques and asanas that are suggested for all these pains and can be used by all for handling pain related issues.

Suryanamaskara – it is a twelve step yoga session that can be followed by all. This makes the body strong and helps it to deal with various types and magnitudes of pain. You can do five to ten rounds of this in the morning everyday to get the benefits that you are looking for. It is a all in all yoga that can have numerous benefits for all. We highly suggest this. If you just do twenty rounds of this correctly a day it is going to ensure a better health and life for you. Read this post to learn more about surya namaskar.

 Pranayam – It is the second technique that we will discuss in the list of the pain management with yoga. In this you need to sit in a padmasan pose. Your hands should be rested on your knees and back straight. Ensure that the index figure and the thumb are in touch. This will ensure you to concentrate better. Concentrate on your breathing. As you do that your mind gets focused on the breathing process as a result for some time you forget about the pain that you are in.

It is very effective in pain management and can be done by all. You are suggested to do it as long as you can hold the attention. It will increase with time and practice. As you do  this the blood and the oxygen supply increases to the many parts of the body as a result all the parts of the body feel better. Click here to know more about Pranayama

 Savasana – It is also called the corpse pose. It is a pose that is done to wind up the yoga session. It may seem to be very simple but actually it is one of the most complicated yoga poses. This is a pose where the mind and the body is absolutely relaxed. You are in a state where you are awake yet you are sleeping in the subconscious level. It improves the control of the mind over the body. It ensures that each and every muscle in the body is relaxed and you are in a state of complete bliss. We recommend that you must do this yoga to control pain and live a better life. This can be effective on any pain. Many people across the world have benefited from this. The best part is that it can be done by all. The only challenge is that you must learn it from a person who knows to do it correctly.



 Shir shasana – In this asana a person is supposed to balance their whole body on their head alone. This can be a very effective asana and very useful in pain relief. This is a little difficult for everyone to do it. However, with a little practice and guidance a person can definitely learn the same.



Other Asanas

Apart from these techniques that can work for any pain, there are asanas like the shishuasana or child pose that can be done for back pain. There is fish pose that can be done for pain in the neck. There is a long list to these specific asanas that can be done in order to manage pain better.

However, one must consult a doctor before they start to do these yogas for pain relief. Apart from this one should also ensure that if the pain is increasing instead of reducing the yoga must be stopped. You must find a good yoga teacher to learn these asanas for best results.

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