Remedies for Debilitating Planets

Remedies for Debilitating Planets

Given below is a chart which shows different planets whose remedies are discussed above.


Remedies: If any of the above planets gives bad results donate the things mentioned against each. Throw them in to flowing water or donate them to a poor man or in a religious place e.g. temple or church or mosque or gurudwara. It should be remembered that these articles should be donated for 43 days without break.

For Instant Remedies:

Besides the donation of the articles mentioned in the chart in the foregoing page, do the following for instant relief for 43 days.

  1. Malefic Mars: Throw Rewaries (sweet made of Jaggery & Sesame) in to the flowing water or river or throw crumbs of sweet bread to the birds.
  2. Debilitating Jupiter: Paste saffron on the navel or eat it.
  3. Debilitating Sun: Throw jiggery (Gurh) in the flowing water.
  4. Debilitating Saturn: Mustard (sarson) may be donated.
  5. Debilitating Sun: Place a pot of milk under your pillow and put that milk on the “Keekar” tree in the morning.
  6. Debilitating Venus: Donate white barley (Jawar).
  7.  Benefic Mars: Donate Sweets.
  8. Malefic Mercury: Put a whole intoa copper coin and throw it into flowing water.
  9. Malefic Ketu: Throw bread to dogs.
  10. Malefic Rahu:   Donate Radish (Mooli) or throw coal into flowing water.

Remedies for Malefic Planets (According to Raashis in the Horoscope) During Marriage or Marriage Anniversary

  1. Malefic Jupiter: Take two pieces of gold of equal weight. Throw one into the flowing water after marriage and the other may be kept   permanently by the native. It does not matter how small the pieces are. If one cannot afford gold, two pieces of turmeric or Saffron (of equal weight) will give the same results.
  2. Malefic Sun: Adopt the above procedure, but use copper instead of gold.
  3. Malefic Moon: Adopt the above procedure, but use white (milky) pearl or silver.
  4. Malefic Venus: Adopt the above procedure, but use pearl (curd like colour).
  5. Malefic Mars: Adopt the above procedure, but use red precious stone, which should not be bright.
  6.  Malefic Mercury: Adopt the above procedure, but diamond or shell.
  7.  Malefic Saturn: Adopt the above procedure, but use a stone with two colours or black & white stone.
  8. Malefic Ketu: Adopt the above procedure, but use a stone with two colours or black& white stone.
  9. Malefic Rahu: Thesame remedy as for Moon. Remember not to use or wear sapphire (Neelam).

Please note: 

  • Remedies are to be adopted in case of Raahis (signs) only.
  • All remedies may be adopted only during the day time as day is ruled by Sun & night by Saturn.

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