What is a Ghost?

What is a Ghost?

Do we really understand a ghost? In this article we will discuss what ghosts actually are and how are ghosts created. When a ghost is actually seen it does not appear like the ghosts we mostly see on TV and in movies.

Mostly an apparition

The ghost is nothing but an apparition. Sometimes an apparition can be seen by only one person. There is a possibility that the same apparition is seen by many people at the same time. An apparition might appear at the same spot again and again or maybe can be seen at different spots in a particular location. Some apparitions are seen by different people in frequent intervals. There is also a possibility that the apparition will be seen by one person. Some apparitions can be seen in a mirror and some do not need a mirror. These are the different type of apparitions that can be seen and we often call them ghosts.

Study on ghosts

Ghost is indeed an interesting topic that has been discussed about for years. It is a concept that finds a mention across all the countries and cultures as a result it becomes even more compelling and interesting. When a person dies he or she may become a ghost and haunt others. There are enough stories and movies that revolve around the same subject. Although so much has been written about it ghost is still a topic that people cannot just have enough of.

Why is this topic so compelling and do we actually understand what ghosts are all about? We will try to discuss some very interesting aspects of this topic that has been actually haunting the humans for ages. It is something, which we want to know about, yet we are scared of because we are sacred of the unknown. There is a law in physics that says every action has a reaction and every positive force will have force acting against it. If we have life and soul there is a possibility that we have ghosts too.

A lot of study has been done in this field to understand what the ghosts are all about. No matter how much research has been done in this field there is still a lot that we do not know. Paranormal research is a big field and studying the ghosts is a very important part of this field.

The message

A ghost will usually appear as an apparition. It is not necessary that the ghosts wants to scare people the ghost might just be there trying to communicate something. Well the interesting part is apparition might not be only of a dead person. It can also be of a person who is alive.

Interesting indeed but we will try to go deeper into this. An apparition might be a telepathic message that was sent by one person to another. It has been often noticed that when one person is going through some kind of crisis he or she may send a telepathic message to another person and this message might be received as an apparition.

Interesting and we do not know much about how these telepathic messages are actually sent from one place to the other. Apparition is something that is not physical in nature. It is a reflection an image of something that was there or something that can be.

Mind games?

We have a mind that helps us see things that are not physical in nature. Apart from the mind we have the eyes that can only see things that exist. If something does not exist physically we cannot see it. For example some time back we discussed about hypnosis. When a person does hypnosis they can tell the subject what they will see and what they will not. It is a way of controlling the mind.

Everyone knows that the human mind is actually a very complex thing and it is almost impossible to actually understand the human mind. This is why we cannot always say that an apparition is definitely the ghost of a person who is no more.

Some experts also feel that an apparition might be the creation of the human mind itself. Many a times if you show an apparition to a group of people you will notice that each one with add a new detail to the apparition they saw as per their own experiences and circumstances.

This study is actually interesting and makes us look at the topic of apparition and ghosts from a different angle all together. Apparition is like a shadow that came from somewhere and then disappeared into thin air. There are no traces of the apparition. Some people might not even notice an apparition and some might take it very seriously. An apparition is nothing but one human mind communicating with another human mind. We will try to discuss some interesting stories about apparitions in this article and also in our forth coming articles. An apparition is interesting it can mean a lot of things and sometimes mean nothing. An apparition might be of a person we have never seen or it might be of someone we love and are missing terribly.

A Story

We will first start with the story of an English Clergy man who decided to go hunting with his daughters one day. The two daughters were bored of the hunting adventures and they decided to return home. They both sat in a coach and left. The clergyman was all alone hunting. After a while the girls saw an apparition of their father waving to them from a distance.

They did not understand how their father could come to that spot so quickly. They told the coachman to stop and they went towards the spot they saw the apparition. After a lot of search they could not see their father so they decided to get back to the coach and leave. After returning home both the girls were worried about the safety of their father. After a while their father returned from the hunting spree.

The girls were relieved and they told their father about what they saw. The clergyman was equally surprised because he was not even close to the spot that the girls mentioned. Why did this apparition actually happen and what was its significance. Was the clergyman in some kind of a danger and as a result this telepathic message was sent to the daughters in the form of an apparition. It might also be possible that the girls were worried about the safety of their father and they created this apparition.

Another interesting point is that not all the time the same apparition will be seen by a number of people. Only some people actually have the ability to see an apparition. For example in the case we mentioned the girls as well as the coachman saw the apparition.

This is a rare case where all the people present saw the apparition. In many cases either one of the people or some of the people in the group have reported that they saw an apparition. It is also difficult for an agent to convey the same image to a group of people. Most of the apparition is created by the mind this is exactly why it is possible for some people to see an apparition while others do not see anything at all. As a result the person who saw the apparition gets a feel that he or she saw a ghost.

Another incident

There is one more incident that was reported in Sydney. In this case a captain died and few weeks after his death. His wife and the maid entered his room. It was late in the evening and in those days only gas lamps were used for light. In the dim light they clearly saw a full life size figure of the dead captain.

The captain was wearing the clothes he would wear before sleeping. The face of the captain was actually pale. At first they thought perhaps it was a picture that was hanging on the wall. Later they realised there was no such picture. Both the ladies were sacred as well as amazed. At the same time the daughter of the captain entered the room. She too saw the same apparition and shouted out even before the ladies could tell her about what they saw. We will try to discuss some more of such interesting incidents in our forthcoming posts.

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