Development of Religion: Stone Age to Concrete Age

Development of Religion: Stone Age to Concrete Age

Well friends, if you get an idea from the topic that today we will bore you with some history topic from secondary school textbooks, you couldnt get it more wrong. Rather we are trying to portray an interesting timeline from our own creativity about the developments that led to the form we know it today. If you want to see a chronological timeline, you could simply visit the page showing the timeline of religion.

The Eternal Internal Journey

For any human being, irrespective of his or her caste, colour, creed, age, region or place of residence, the most important thing is to find out if there is any meaning behind the hectic activities of daily life, and if anything meaningful could be gained out of it. Again this is purely subjective as the definition of meaningful could vary from person to person, and even for same person from time to time.

Basically the answer seems to lie not somewhere outside in any textbook or scripture but within the person itself. A simple example is that if you want to think deeply about something and be serious about it, you would normally prefer to stay aloof and close your eyes, and if possible the ears, mind and brain.

The Saints and Sages

What is so special about few people among millions and trillions that they are elevated to the level of Saints and Sages? This answer needs an element of faith as pure reason cannot answer this question. These people are actually those who have perfected their inner search and just near the end of their spiritual journey. Again this could be a controversial matter as who would decide the distance covered and distance remaining from the goal as this is not equivalent to a formal qualification or course of study.

Over the centuries, few people have been there who not only perfected their own self, but were also celebrities in their own right just like the stars of today. Starting from the ages ago, they were Krisna, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha to name a few and the list continues.

So What To Do?

The million dollar question is, what should I do in such a case.  Simply keep developing your spiritual self, walking in the spiritual path, trying to do things which are prescribed by ancient texts, live teachers and our own self. This includes several things, seemingly non-effective to the uninitiated such as doing good karmas, trying to help others, eating with care, doing proper exercise, and most importantly trying to set apart a time to meditate.

Try not to get too much into worries about planets and just have faith in the Almighty that every planet will be taken care of by the Higher Being. Also stay away from superstitions as we have already shown in a previous post that there is a science behind superstitions. So if you start to worry about these things, they will actually have an impact on you.

Do a Guru?

Learn about the signs of a true guru by reading this post. It is better to do the journey under some guidance but make sure the Guru is genuine. However at the end of the day just remember that you are responsible for your own progress and do not depend too much on external help.


All you need is already within you, and so even if you do not follow any particular formal religion or path or practice, you can still reach your inner goal through determination and dedication.

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