The History of Shraaps

The History of Shraaps

What do you understand by the term shraap. Basically it means a curse which is opposite to ashirwaad or boon/blessings.

The whole idea is that there are vibrations of both kinds, negative and positive. Its just like saying that if you have got a pistol or a gun, you can use it to defend yourself or harm others. The vibrations do work even if we believe or not.

When someone gives a curse from the depths of his or her heart it does produce results. For example if you get affected by radiation, it will impact your body despite the belief in their existence.

Vashikaran black magic

Some famous curses

Today we will take a look at some of the famous curses in history.

  1. The curse given to King Dashrath is well known in Ramayana where the king had to get separate from his sons since he had accidentally killed an innocent man whose parents were left alone.
  2. Lord Krishna was cursed by Gandhari that His entire clan be destroyed which happened over time since Gandhari felt that Krisna was responsible for the massacre of the Kurukshetra battle.
  3. There are numerous stories of haunted houses, places and objects who bring bad luck to anyone who trespasses by them.
  4. It is also said that the great maratha king Shivaji Bhonsle popularly known as Chatrapati Shivaji met his end since he indirectly insulted a Muslim Fakir by attacking a place where people were hiding. It was well known that he would not touch or attack any such place but in a particular battle he did not follow this rule. Just few months after this, and could not reign long despite being a great warrior and a king.

It is for this very reason that it is said that one should always touch the feet of elders and take their blessings. It helps to get rid of many curses of life. The modern generation might not believe in this thinking that these are just meaningless rituals but it is not so. Of course we do not mean to spread any false information or superstitions but you must also note that there is a science behind superstitions as well.

As you can read in this post, it is mainly related to your own mind as it is a very powerful medium and manifests anything that you believe very strongly. Similarly even vashikaran and evil powers exist but the Almighty is greater power than any other negative power so you must always be strong, positive and have a fighting spirit.

Stay away from shraaps

Coming back to our main topic of curses or shraaps, we need to remember that we should always try to generate positive and good karma and avoid any situation where anyone is forced to give shraap. The famous Saint and spiritual poet shri Kabirdas ji has written that

Kabira aah garib ki lauh bhasam ho jaaye

Basically it means that if a garib or a helpless person gives a curse it can even melt steel. Basically he wants to convey that we should be afraid of anyone giving us extreme negative vibrations to us due to any act of ours otherwise no one can save us.

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