Eternal Message From The Grave

Eternal Message From The Grave

The graves

The graves are plenty, with withered leaves all over them

On watching these lonely warriors, a thought does stem

Since ages millions and trillions have crossed over, no one to return

No matter how much we want to be eternal, how much do we yearn

Yet there is the wish for eternal life for there is something within

Which does not know any death, which survives all thick and thin

That is the true consciousness, call it Parmataman, the self or the soul

Whatever name you call it by, that is your only one and the true goal

The Saints have been saying all along, and so do echo the sages

That is the only eternal message, which is being repeated across ages

Whether it is Kisna in the Mahabharta battle, or it is Sri Ram of the yore

They all have told to look within, that is the true space to explore

We all love adventure, to venture out into the unknown, it is a thrill

Yet only a few know how to search within, it is a valuable but rare skill

Know Thyself, and you will know the soul, so said the Ramanna sage

When you realize so, the life will be a meaningful drama, on the eternal stage

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