Selfie With Naag Devta

Selfie With Naag Devta

When it comes to taking selfie, there is hardly any limit

What you see is a genuine image, it is not a gimmick

Naag Devta symbolizes Lord Shiva, so there is nothing to fear

Unlike many experts, this person has no precautions or safety gear



That is the faith which drives the utmost innate desire in a man

You will never realize until you do it, what you are capable and you can

So next time you think, something is dangerous or impossibly, think again

You certainly need to take some risks, for without it there is hardly a gain

So take out your time to do the unthinkable and you will certainly enjoy

Provided you do it with sincerity and there is not hidden decoy

We salute the Naag Devta who is so calmly getting the selfie click

This is certainly a brave picture, so this is one of our best pick

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