The Prejudice Against Specific Religions

The Prejudice Against Specific Religions


With terrorist attacks rising across the globe, one thing which is getting imbibed strongly in the common people is that Muslims are are terrorists but nothing can be farther from the truth. We have posted many articles about the equivalence between different religions like Hinduism and Islam and so forth. So next time you try to think along that line, just remember that terrorism has nothing to do with religion even if many of the incidents are associated with some specific religion.

Terrorism has no religion, this has nothing to do with any creed

The people who follow this path are just a different type or breed

All muslims are our brethren, do not suspect them for every reason

We have been living together since ages, all weathers, every season

See the innocent child, do you think he needs any sort of hate

Then who has sowed this hatred seed, just tell me who, o mate

Be a human and love everyone, for love is the cure for every ill

For Islam is a religion of peace, never does it preach to kill

It is only the misguided few, who do such acts and let down the entire clan

For they have just gone astray, they do not know the Divine plan

Let us hope and let us Pray that such a day shall dawn soon

Just like the air, sunlight, stars, planets and the moon

Nature hasnt differentiated based on birth, colour or face

We should stand united, after all we represent the human race

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