Li Ching Yuen: Over 250 Years Old – Miracle or Normal

Li Ching Yuen: Over 250 Years Old – Miracle or Normal

It has been stated in the ancient scriptures of most cultures about very old age and the secrets to live long. Of course there have been legends of immortality but here we are talking about a person who was not a God or Deity but a normal human being who claimed to be over 256 years old.

This might seem as a miracle or something fake to the “intellectual” people who consider themselves the Masters of Knowledge after studying few years about a single subject but are totally unaware of the vastness of knowledge. Infact some of the greatest scientists that the world has ever known stated that they know nothing.

There have been references in ancient texts about the elixir of life, but those apart here is a documented story of a person who lived nearly three centuries. Normal for those who have experienced even the slightest of spirituality and yoga etc but miracle for the rest of “normal” us.


Acknowledgements: this news has been taken from the portal of Steven so we would like to credit the original author mentioned in the last para of this clip.

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