Suicide? Just Try Once More !

Suicide? Just Try Once More !


Sometimes life is very harsh, hard and rude, with hardly a respite in sight

That you often think of ending it all, troubled by life, to end the plight

It seems an easy way out, for there would be no struggles, nor any pain

Yet even if you have decided, just take a moment to reflect, is there any gain?

You can hang yourself any day or get yourself beneath a running train

So what is the harm in trying what I suggest for the last time with your brain

Whatever is troubling you, whatever you cannot conquer, just give it one more try

Even if you have to die, do it like a warrior, why to give up so soon, why the hue and cry

Do it as if it is your last attempt and just give it all your efforts with all heart and soul

Then see for yourself, if you could not make what you wanted, could not reach your goal

There is ample opportunity for you to commit suicide any time, any moment in your life

Yet before that you need to give that final effort, why get defeated by a petty strife

You are the conqueror of all circumstances, only if you do not let your mind to accept defeat

If you fight like a warrior, swim like a drowning man, show no fear, neither you retreat

Then you will see how life will smile at you, you will get reasons to live again with joy

When you look back, you will be thankful that you tried that last time despite life’s ploy

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