Dream clairvoyance between two living beings

Dream clairvoyance between two living beings

So far we had been discussing how dream clairvoyance that is considered to be a telepathic connection between two humans can carry information from one person to the other even when these two people are miles apart and in some cases have never even met. Let us see more about what this psychic phenomenon is how it helps in every life.

Dream clairvoyance between two species

We will now discuss an incident about how dream clairvoyance can happen between a man and a dog. There must be many instances of these incidents and maybe even some of the readers have heard about it. We will pick a specific incident here that happened to the famous novelist named Rider Haggard. He had also written about this incident in his book as a result we here have a documented proof of dream clairvoyance between man and dog.

The incident

One night Rider Haggard slept as usual and there was no unusual even that happened before he went to bed. During his sleep he had a dream about his dog. He knew that the dog was in his house but in the dream he saw that the dog was sitting on the banks of the river and was in deep pain. The dog was trying to tell something but Rider Haggard could not understand.

Suddenly his dream ended and he got up. He was sweating and did not know what happened as the dream seemed so real. His wife too got up and asked “why were you making those strange sounds in your dreams”. Rider Haggard did not reply and went back to sleep.  Next day morning at breakfast he told five members of his family about the dream that he had. The members of the family heard the story but no one could understand what the dream could be.

The dog goes missing

In the afternoon the family realised that the dog could not be found anywhere. They all started to look for the dog. Soon they got to know what happened to the dog. A body of a black dog was found in the river close by. Some people said that a dog was trying to cross the railway line on the bridge when he was hit by a train. The dog must have fallen from the bridge to the banks of the river. The dog was lying in a pool of blood on the banks of the river before his body was washed away by the river. It was later discovered.

The body was not is a position to be recognised. The chain that was tied to the neck of the dog was the only way to identify the dog. The accident must have happened at the same time when Rider Haggard had this dream of the dog crying out in pain. This is nothing but a simple case of dream clairvoyance between a dog and a man. This incident does take the discussion on dream clairvoyance to a different level. There is definitely a connection between the human mind and the mind of animals. This is exactly why the dog was able to communicate about its pain to the author.

Dream Clairvoyance

Some controlled experiments

Many experiments have been performed to understand the concept of dream clairvoyance better. Most of these controlled experiments indicate to one thing that there must be a strong connection between the two people who are a part of dream clairvoyance. Apart from that even a strong incident can give way to dream clairvoyance.

Many people feel that telepathy and dream clairvoyance are common things and they have often felt it. We will try to discuss some of the famous experiments that were done over the time on dream clairvoyance so that the readers can get more information about the results of these experiments.

Daim the doc

Daim was a famous doctor and he had conducted many experiments about dream clairvoyance. He found this a very interesting phenomenon and he wanted to get to the depth of why and how such strange incident occurs. Daim often got so involved in these experiments that he would himself become a sender and sometime a receiver for the information that is sent through dream clairvoyance.

For example Daim started with simple experiments he would think of a red triangle and at the background there is black colour. He would concentrate hard so that he can send this image to another person who was sleeping at least four miles away from where he was. He would try very hard to send this image and when he was convinced that the image was sent successfully he would stop the process and wait for the receiver to get back.

The receiver called him and said that he did see an image in his dream that was a red triangle and the backdrop there was black colour. This proved that the experiment was actually a success. The receiver confirmed that he was dreaming about music and soldiers and this triangle had nothing to do with what he was dreaming. The awkward occurrence of the triangle convinced him that this was definitely a message that was sent by Daim as a part of his dream clairvoyance experiment.

This was why he remembered this triangle very well too. These were the first dream experiments done to understand dream clairvoyance. Many experiments of this nature were done by Daim who confirmed that dream clairvoyance was a communication between two minds. It was a very complicated type of telepathy.

Connection with beyond

Although Daim did make dream clairvoyance a clearer concept for everyone the question remained how a dead person’s mind could communicate with another mind as it was in most of the cases of dream clairvoyance that we have discussed. Does dream clairvoyance have the ability to connect the dead with the living?

Dr.Ullman was a famous researcher in this field he had also set up a laboratory to do these experiments on dream clairvoyance. His lab was called “Maimonides researchers” became so famous that it was called “the dream laboratory” by many people. The main aim of these experiments was to ensure that the sleeping subjects are given information from different sources. All means were applied to use dreams as a strong means of communication between two people.

What Dr.Ullman would do he would send information of shapes like some angular shapes or a circle. When the subjects woke up they were asked what they saw and they would reply that they saw hockey sticks, round bubbles or they saw that they were passing through a tunnel, some would say they saw curved roads so basically he inspired the dreams with the shapes.

These were simple information but the point was that dream clairvoyance was working and one human mind could be used to send information to the other. The receiver was not aware of the information that was sent to him or her. Still they could more or less dream on the similar lines of the information that was sent and this was not just one person dreaming but many people who were a part of the same experiment for years.

Slowly Dr.Ullman moved on to some more complicated dream clairvoyance experiments that we will be discussing about in our other articles. The experiments did prove that dream clairvoyance do have the ability to send complicated information from one person to the other using dreams. These are some facts about dream clairvoyance and how research has been made to understand what dream clairvoyance is actually all about. Although we have got to know a lot about dream clairvoyance from the experiments of Daim and Dr.Ullman, but there is still a lot of mystery that surrounds the concept of dream clairvoyance and that we still do not know much about.

The fact is that dream clairvoyance is a reality and it can happen to anyone. Some people feel it often and some feel it once in a while. Most of the time people do not take dream clairvoyance seriously and as a result they do not actually understand what the dream clairvoyance is actually all about. We hope that more experiments are done in this field in the years to come so that we get to know more about what the dream clairvoyance is actually all about. Human mind is indeed very complex and it can get information from different sources no matter even if the source is actually dead.

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