An Introduction To Reiki

An Introduction To Reiki

The art of Reiki actually started from Japan. The technique helps to reduce stress and it also helps to relax. The technique is useful for the overall healing of the person. The technique is completely based on your hands or palm. The energy is transferred to the palm and then an unseen life energy force is developed and it flows from one person to another. The concept of Reiki believes that there is a life force energy that drives all of us and keeps us alive. When the life force energy is low we feel stressed and weak and when it is high we feel positive.


The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words “Rei” means God’s wisdom and “ki” means life force or energy. Reiki is a spiritual guide for life force energy. Reiki is like a glowing radiance that flows through and around you. The Reiki has the power to treat the person spiritually, emotionally and it can create a feeling of relaxation and peace. It is true that Reiki has different results on different people. Some get a lot of benefits from it and some do not. Some also say that the results they obtained were nothing less than a miracle.

Reiki is safe and is a wonderful way to spiritual healing. Anyone can take advantage of this process and there will be no side effects. It is a great way for self-improvement and helping your near and dear ones. It can also be used for all types of illness and always provides a beneficial result. When used with other medical procedures it can give much better results.

Transfer of Energy

Reiki is not like a formal learning or teaching. It is like an energy that is transferred from the teacher to the student. It is given during a class. The teacher gives this energy to the student and the student all of a sudden feels an immense sense of energy within. This energy helps the student to improve their own life and the life of the people associated with them.

Reiki does not need any prior skill and it can be taught to anyone. It can be taught to as many as you want. Reiki is spiritual; it has nothing to do with religion. That is exactly why even if you do not believe in it, it can still work and help you in more than one way. There is nothing intellectual about Reiki. It gets you closer to your own life force which permeates the entire universe so in a way you can get closer with God..

The Beginnings

The name of the person who started Reiki was Mikao Usui. He said that there are certain simple ethical practices that a person must follow to ensure that they can benefit people all across the world as it has a universal and timeless appeal. Mikao Usui developed the art after years of meditation. His form of Reiki is called Usui Reiki. The ideals of Reiki were also added to the Reiki practice. The Reiki healing emphasises the fact that if you want to help others with Reiki you must try to constantly improve yourself only then you can become a part of the Reiki healing experience. The client must take the responsibility of the healing and take an active part in it. If you want the Reiki to work you must continuously try to improve yourself. This will be a complete system.

We will now mention some of the points that all reiki healers must keep in mind if they want to make the most of the skill:

  1. Reiki is a secret to invite happiness.
  2. It is a miraculous medicine that can cure all diseases.
  3. Try to control your anger if you are practicing Reiki.
  4. Never worry and always be filled with gratitude for what you have.
  5. Always show devotion to your work.
  6. Be kind to people.
  7. Every morning and evening join your hands and pray to the Lord for everything.
  8. Keep the prayers to your heart.
  9. Chant with your mouth but prayers must be within.

When you follow these basic ideologies you will see that with time your ability to do Reiki and its effects are only improving. The life force is always flowing through us. The life force flows through the physical body and through the various pathways like meridians, nadis and chakras. The life force has the ability to take care of the body and the cells. They help these organs to work effectively. If the life force is disturbed it can cause dysfunction in various parts of the body.

The life force is directly linked to our thoughts. If we feel positive then they work in a certain way and if we feel negative the effects are different. Reiki first tries to recognise where the life force is getting affected and these energy fields are filled with positive energy. This process helps to break the negative energy level. Reiki cleans and also makes the pathways straight. This helps the life forces to flow in a natural way.

To practice the actual reiki you have to be attuned to it. It is not necessary that everyone is attuned to it. Some people are born with the ability to do reiki and some get it from a person who is already attuned. What we mostly see around is only the “ki” that is life force. “rei” meaning the part that deals with wisdom of god is difficult to master. Once you are trained in reiki it is only 40 per cent of the learning. To make it a 100 per cent effective skill you will have to practice and practice daily. Anyone who has learnt reiki will tell you that continuous practice has helped them to do it in a better way.

Some reiki healers are very good, because they have been practicing for years. They can see the chakras and also the auras. Some people are born with these abilities. If a person was a reiki healer in the previous birth or any healer for that matter they naturally carry those skills to this life also. Some do not even know that they can be good with reiki. Attunement is a process by which the teacher attunes the student and takes him or her ahead in the path of doing effective reiki. It is the final stage of learning reiki. The better and trained the teacher is the better they will be able to teach others.

There are various levels of reiki. Reiki is a positive force it will automatically adjust to the requirements of the person. There can be no harm as you do reiki. There is nothing to worry about reiki. Always do it with full faith and it will never fail you? When you do that you will allow the healer to get you to as close to god as possible and reverse all the effects of karma on you and your life. Some may feel that when you practice reiki a lot you are actually reducing your power. As you practice more and more of reiki you become stronger and a better healer. When a healer teaches he or she is also healing them in the process. The more you associate with reiki the better you will be able to feel its magic and its love.

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