Rakhri Again: Remembering The Hero

Rakhri Again: Remembering The Hero

Some people are always there even if not in their bodily form

This is true even if we know that death is the ultimate norm

Even all souls are eternal, still some reflections are just apart

No matter even if their life ended before they could fully start

To achieve the goals that they cherished, in this world and life

Who really wanted to touch the sky, despite all trouble & strife

Dont forget them just always remember for it helps to awaken

Else you will be so absorbed in routine life and wont be shaken

Whenever you think times not in your favour but are somewhat tough

Whenever the road of life seems to be paved with stones and rough

Remember what these heroes went through, all with so much grace

Just remember how they smiled, and they had such a lovely face

Your tribulations are not even one-millionth of what they bore

You cannot imagine how circumstances tried them and tore

If you want to remember them truly just try to live your best

Believe in yourself whatever the situation, how hard the test

She taught that it is better to live short and achieve all you can

It is not without reason that so many people are her fan

Let us remember on this Rakhi once again the real hero

As we stand and start to rebuild all from ground zero

She will guide from above and will always be there

Despite being spiritually evolved, she will visit this sphere

Because if there were thousand reasons for untimely demise

There are a trillion motives for returning that suffice

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