Time Heals Everything

Time Heals Everything

Everything Heals

Life is not always smooth but often filled with ups and downs over the years

Sometimes it gives you reason to be elated, many times its full of tears

Yet we often forget the good times, while bad times continue to haunt us forever

While the good times are seldom remembered, even if think we are pretty clever

Wounds heal, hurts heal, time is the greatest medicine, it makes everything heal

Just wait patiently for times to change, you never know what future has to conceal

If you just stick to life, do not think to end it, all things will change for the better soon

When they do actually change you will realize, that was not a curse but was a boon

Let the healing power flow through you, may you experience the Divine bliss

Embrace life with open heart and arms, just enjoy the eternal romance and kiss

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