Riot Has No Religion or Caste

Riot Has No Religion or Caste


The shop of this widow lady who has 2 girl kids to take care of, was burnt during the recent riots in Jaat reservation case. It is really a shame that some unscrupulous elements cause so much havoc in the society causing irreparable damage to normal lives.

Agitation might seem a good way to get your demands agreed

Yet such riots give rise to a new kind of violent creed

Where anything is justified in the name of justice and rights

Everyone has the ability to pick up stones and instigate fights

Think of the damage that you do to the society in the long run

For you it might seem incidents of a few days, just a bit of fun

Yet ask those people who have suffered as a result of this treason

For what they built in ages was destroyed in this fierce hatred season

Now who will take responsibility and who will take care of such lost souls

Despite claiming fighting for justice, their actions and words are apart poles

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