The Art Of Gratitude

The Art Of Gratitude

Gratitude is a sense of thankfulness. When a person is filled with gratitude he or she becomes more positive. Gratitude is considered to be a feeling of satisfaction. It is one of the most positive feelings a human being can fill. It increases the positive energy within and around us. Meditation helps us to feel a sense of gratitude and develop the same.

Way to Gratitude

When you do meditation you are supposed to concentrate on your “self”. You are to thank the Lord for the life and the wonderful things he has given you. Just close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the things that make you happy and your life worth living. This can be sky, flowers, your children, etc.

Gratitude in Life

Gratitude in Life

Just a few seconds of this thought can make you so happy from within. Just imagine how you will feel when you think like this for a longer time and on a daily basis. Always start your day with a positive note. Thank the Lord that he has given you one more day to live and do your part in this world. When you do meditation in the beginning of the day, this sense of gratitude as positive energy will fill you automatically. You will see that you are transmitting this positivity in all the work that you do and among all the people who are around you. You will see a new you. Gratitude is the most beautiful feeling that meditation encourages.

Lack of Desire Fulfillment: Source of all Problems

Most of the problems and conflicts in this world happen because we want more we are not able to get all that we want. If on the other hand we just simple be thankful to life for what it has given us we will undoubtedly be more happy and relaxed. It will fill us with the positive feelings of gratitude and love for all. This will help us to live a better and a satisfied life.

This is exactly why gratitude is given immense importance in meditation and yoga. People who meditate regularly concentrate on what they have and not on what they don’t this makes them peaceful and helps them to live a better and a satisfied life. Most of the saints and the gurus have a peaceful disposition this comes mostly from an immense sense of gratitude.

We hope that you can now understand how gratitude in vital in meditation. No matter what type of meditation you are learning the first feeling that you will have to master is gratitude. As you tend to become more filled with gratitude from within you will become a more relaxed person. All the schools of meditation teach people to cultivate the sense of gratitude.

Benefits of Gratitude

It makes the mind still and peaceful. The mind always keeps thinking about things that we do not have and about the people who are not with us. Gratitude teaches us to concentrate on what we have. It helps us to focus in the present. As a result it makes the mind peaceful. This is essential in meditation.

For example if you be thankful for the job that you have you will be able to concentrate on it more. This will also enable you to appreciate the job. Many of us crib about the job we have and keep looking out for other options. This only makes us more disturbed. As and when you love the job you do you will automatically do very well in the job as a result you will not have to look out at other options.

Appreciate What You Got

When we do not have gratitude we take things for granted. We do not appreciate what we have and crave for things that we will never get. This makes us more restless. For example we are rude to those who are closest to us and we tend to compare our parents and children with the parents and kids that others have.

This creates a very negative feeling not only within us but also in our relationships. If we show a little gratitude and appreciation for those who are around us it will automatically improve our interpersonal relationships. This is exactly what happens when people mediate regularly.

You will notice that meditation makes people less arrogant. It makes them cheerful and also makes them more approachable. This is mainly because meditation leads to an overall development. It develops a feeling of gratitude as a result those who do meditation develop a better sense of appreciation. This improves their overall nature and makes them more interesting.

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