Saint & Sinner: The Immortal Saga

Saint & Sinner: The Immortal Saga

We all say Saint is some special being

All through history we have been seeingSaint & Sinner

He/She is certainly above the average crowd

Achieved something of which other humans could be proud

Or rather the Saint raises the benchmark of humanity so high

You cannot touch it unless you very hard you try

Saints are the simplest human beings ever you can come across

Yet they have reached so subtle a state and above all gross

The only beauty is even a Saint could have been a sinner

Its just that He/She did not give up, that’s why rose as a winner

So all you humans who consider yourself so weak and frail

Always indulge in remembering your weaknesses about limitations wail

Just see within yourself that you are a reflection of the Divine

Your true self is no less pure and can be compared to the Supreme shrine

The Saint and sinner story will always remain in the world as a debate

Just rise above the difference and see something of value and great

This does not mean to despite any Saintly person at all

Neither does it aim to glorify the sinner of his/her fall

This is only to encourage the mortals like most of us in a mess

So that we feel motivated that we can obtain blessings and others bless

Yet the path from a sinner to a Saint is not one of the easiest

Certainly a hard walk for a modern day person who is the busiest

Yet mostly hard to walk paths lead to some good results in the end

For easy paths normally lead us to wrong direction and haywire they send

So just resolve that you would always follow the direction of a Saint

And will walk towards the light however dark it seems and hope so faint

For only light can liberate you and knowledge brings forth such light

The enlightenment that you obtain will transform you to a Buddha bright

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