Kriya Yoga: Express Highway To The Divine

Kriya Yoga: Express Highway To The Divine


God is everywhere and all nature is God, so reaching Him should not be tough

Yet we find and know from our experience that the journey is quite rough

There are so many paths, so many religions that a person tends to confuse

Victory comes to those, who find their way in the maze, to get defeated they refuse

Out of the many ways, there is one express highway to the ultimate goal Divine

That leads quickly to scientific results, your own self it makes for you shine

It is the path of Kriya Yoga which was long lost since the ancient times

For it required true teachers and disciples, it could not be sold for dimes

Sri Mahavatar Babaji revived this ancient art and science, Guru did the rest

If you want to progress spiritually, this way is certainly one of the best

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