The Universality Of Life Forms: Underlying Tying Thread

The Universality Of Life Forms: Underlying Tying Thread

This is a beautiful true story about a penguin who was saved by an elderly man and the bird travels 5000 miles each year to meet his saviour. Birds and animals have a high sense of belonging and they are pure in mind so human beings should learn some selflessness from them. A few lines in honour of this bird and rather the spirit of universality of life…

We, the humans, consider ourselves to be at the top of the life pyramid for sure

Yet there are birds and animals who may not speak, but are far more pure

Whereas humans kill each other for small profits, hardly remember any good

These creatures always remember, who in times of distress, by their side stood

An example is thisĀ Penguin who swims 5000 miles, his saviour he does meet

For that act of kindness, he always remembers, he does always greet

Such is the law of karma, for if you do good, all creation will remember

There is not time to do good, all months good from January to December

Let us take a leaf from the book of this man and bird, learn something unique

For if you do such acts, you will be taken to new heights, you will touch the peak

Penguin swims JS1MP

Acknowledgement: this news has been taken from the UK Metro and was originally reported by Ms Alison Lynch

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