Forgiveness Is The Best Revenge

Forgiveness Is The Best Revenge


Many times people do wrong and we hold revenge in our heart for later

We do not realize that we are building a block for our own path, a crater

If you want to take real revenge, just forget and forgive whoever did wrong

For it you do so, you will feel much better, you will emerge willful and strong

Otherwise you will keep rotating in the same circle like a frog in a small well

You will not be able to get out of those thoughts, you will create another hell

But if you forgive and move on with your life, you will progress and shine

It will reflect the good in you, that you are basically not a demon but Divine

Even otherwise whether you forgive or not, the karma law will play its part

No one can escape the results of actions, no one has been ever so smart

So what is the fun ruining your own life, when you do not need to bother

Just free yourself from the revenge bondage, do not choke yourself nor smother

Infact Pray for those who wrong you, for that will bring forth the positive in all

Then only you will feel elated and light, then only you will feel proud and stand tall

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