Astaghfirullah: For All That I Took For Granted

Astaghfirullah: For All That I Took For Granted


When we are in a calm state of mind where nothing else matters

It is then that we see the light, and the delusion of maya shatters

Before that it is only a race for excitement, outward and external

There is no way we can see outside, that is so subtle and internal

Astaghfirullah is the way when you dont take anything for granted

For you can never pay by karma for what all seeds you have planted

It will take aeons to get over the karmic cycle in that manner slow

It is only the kripa of a fakir who has the inner peace and Divine glow

This search might be prompted by something which makes you shatter

When you lose hold of everything you got readymade on a silver platter

Then you realize that the khalipan is killing you, you search for your soul

And you realize that the real journey is inwards, that is the only true goal

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