The Time To Look Inside

The Time To Look Inside

Solitary Beach

There are times when you feel that intense loneliness admist the entire crowd

That is the time when the soul yearns for its source, hidden in mystery shroud

When you seem to go through the phase when nothing in the world matters for sure

That is the time you can beginĀ  your own search, take it as a sign and symbol so pure

From that deep sense of isolation will spring forth the motivation to dive deep within

Something which is deeper that the sea, even nearest than any kith or kin

When the desires subside and you just want to be at peace, not talk to anyone at all

When nothing troubles you anymore, nor the greatest achievement, not a huge fall

Then you have reached the stage which is the beginning of the inner search, the quest

Take full advantage of that time and opportunity, for that is the right time and the best

If you seek solace in outside material world, that opportunity will be gone and lost

It is only that such moments come very rarely, cant buy them even at infinite cost

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