YSS Ludhiana Center: Do n Enlighten

YSS Ludhiana Center: Do n Enlighten

YSS Ludhiana


This is an image of the Yogoda Satsanga Society – Self Realization Fellowship YSS-SRF Ashram inaugurated few months ago in the Manchester of India (Ludhiana). It has the serene atmosphere required for meditation all around the place apart from the main meditation hall. A few lines dedicated to this new center…

Guruji you gave us the light of Kriya Yoga for the self to awake and realize

Even the fools and worldly dumb can become extremely intelligent and wise

If one follows the teachings without fail and meditates all the heart and soul

There is no reason why he/she should not succeed and not reach the divine goal

Starting from Mahavatar Babaji the various saints came in the lineage so great

Each of the YSS SRF ashrams has this peace, everywhere does it permeate

Go there, sit for a while and just get engrossed in your own very self your own

Just water the tiny plant of meditation everyday and see how tall it has grown

May the Blessings of Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar remain on us for ever

May we always try to do good deeds, and not expect anything in return, never…

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