The Last Smile: Departure of a True Yogi

The Last Smile: Departure of a True Yogi
Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji

Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda Ji

Whoever has taken the mortal garb has to leave this earth one fine day

For the enlightened souls it is easy as they realize no one can slay

The beatific smile they have at the last moment is just beyond compare

For they know deep within, what they are changing is only the outer layer

Though each of us has the same divinity within, yet only very few realize

They are the ones who are called liberated, for they are worthy and wise

It is a long long journey to achieve that ultimate destination, the cherished goal

It is the dream of every particle of the universe, the desire of each and every soul

“Jis marne te jag dare, mere man anand”

“marne te hi payeeye pooran parmanand”

Yet these great souls only participate in this play for our good

Else they need not be in public, they can achieve all behind the hood

We should take inspiration from the lives of these great Saints and Sages

And absorb the message they are delivering, across all regions across the ages


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